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A story of innovation, insight, and community resilience.

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Urban Intelligence enables evidence-based decisions for a better future.

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Resilient communities worldwide.

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Integrity | Speak the truth, especially when it’s hard
Adventure | Enjoy the world you strive to protect
Manaakitanga | Go above and beyond for clients and colleagues
Urutau | Constantly learn and achieve excellence in a changing environment
Kotahitanga | United in making positive change

2021: Christchurch.
Dr Tom Logan, having completed his PhD in Risk Science at the University of Michigan, was lecturing at the University of Canterbury. Alongside him, Mitchell Anderson, a PhD candidate in engineering, was delving into his final year research project.

Their work was nothing short of exciting, but they noticed a gap. The research was rich and insightful, but wasn’t quite hitting the mark for those who needed it most: the decision makers. It seemed that existing approaches in the field were not quite ready to embrace innovation.

Identifying the gap
Tom and Mitch saw a pressing problem. They were partnering with Christchurch City Council examining risk analysis. Communities were grappling with how to adapt to climate and hazard risks. Laws required thorough risk assessments, but the existing methods were falling short. These assessments often ended up as mere formalities, not the actionable, insightful tools they had the potential to be. Communities needed these assessments to make critical decisions, and Tom and Mitch knew that they could be so much more helpful.

Turning research into action
So, what if they could bridge the gap? What if they could take the best of international research and practice, available through their university connections, and turn it into something immediately useful for decision-makers, organisations, and communities?

Thats where the seed for Urban Intelligence was planted. They envisioned a live risk platform, constantly evolving with new hazard information and climate modelling, presented in a way that was easy for decision makers and communities to understand and use.

Leading the way in cascading risk
Urban Intelligence is a leader in understanding cascading risk and how natural hazard risks interconnect across our societal systems. And innovation is in the company DNA – UI is always coming up with ways to support and empower communities.

A diverse and interdisciplinary approach
What makes Urban Intelligence stand out is the team’s approach. Working closely with an interdisciplinary research team, many directly part of the UI team, the team is problem focused and committed to crafting innovative, research based solutions for community resilience.

Urban Intelligence Leadership

Dr Tom Logan

Technical Director

Mitchell Anderson

Managing Director

Anna Scheirlinck

Project Manager

Sam Archie

Risk and Systems Analyst

Carolyne Nel

Risk and Systems Analyst

Dean Walker

Full Stack Developer

Chantelle Chalmers

Executive Assistant

Christian Schipani

Software Team Lead

Kevin Pluck

Full Stack Developer

Elvira Cheng

Geospatial Data Analyst

Logan Brunner

Full Stack Developer & Analyst

Zak Barham

Junior Risk & Systems Analyst